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Debunking 4 Foundation Repair Myths

Concrete may be one of the most durable materials used for surfaces, such as roads, car porches and other similar structures. However, that doesn’t mean such surfaces don’t need repair. Concrete surfaces need repair and maintenance and if you leave them unattended or unrepaired for a long time, it can pose a safety risk to your property. Moreover, it can also damage the foundation of your property.

Hence, it is critical that you seek professional assistance from a reputable mud jacking service provider as soon as you find out that your concrete surface needs repair. But before you get in touch with an industry expert, it’s critical that you are aware of several foundation myths that exist. In this post, we debunk four foundation repair that most homeowners believe to be true.

Myth # 1. A Solid Foundation Doesn’t Need Repair

Many homeowners believe that a solid foundation doesn’t need repair. It’s just a myth because the soil underneath changes and shifts due to several reasons, which can also affect the foundation of your property. Moreover, due to changes and shifts, even the most solid of slabs can move. Hence, a solid foundation will not always stay in perfect shape and will eventually need repair.

Myth # 2. If Your Property Needs Work, You Cannot Sell it

Another myth related to foundation repairs is that you won’t be able to sell your property if it needs foundational repair. Well, it’s just a myth and is nowhere close to reality. Rest assured that you can sell your property even if it needs foundational repair. Moreover, if you invest in the repair process and then sell your property, it can be added attraction for your prospective buyer as they will not to incur the cost. And for you, it can serve as an investment that may offer a return as you sell your property.

Myth # 3. The Repair Process is All About Filling in the Cracks

Indeed, the repair process involves filling in the cracks but there is more to it. Sometimes, filling in the cracks is all that’s required, but in case of major issues with the foundation, you will need extensive repair that’s often a lot more than just filling in the cracks.

Myth # 4. Foundation Repair is a DIY Task

Many homeowners believe that most home improvement projects are DIY and foundation repair is not an exception. While you can repaint your kitchen cabinet, foundation repair requires specialized skills. And if you try it DIY, it’s most likely to end up in a disaster. Hence, it is best to consult a professional at Mud Dog Jacking.

We offer concrete lifting and repair services to Northern Utah and the surrounding region. With a team of experts, we can help you maintain your concrete surfaces and make your property safer for your loved ones. To find out more about our services, contact now.