Mud Jacking

Do you have a sunken slab on your property? It might be a part of the patio that has slowly sunk lower and lower, or perhaps a part of the driveway. Mud jacking is the most cost-effective solution to solving this uneven issue. Mud jacking involves drilling a small hole in the surface of the affected area. Then a mixture of local soil or sand will be blended with fresh concrete. Other things may be added in order to increase the viscosity of the mixture. This is done to make it a smooth liquid that can be hydraulically pumped down into the small hole using special equipment. This filler will be pumped underneath the sunken slab to slowly and evenly, lift it back up to its original level.

For your garage floors

Garages are unique structures that bear the weight of your vehicle. Over time, you might see little parts of your garage begin to sink and become lower. It might not be a part of the floor at all, but a wall supporting the garage door. We’ve served many customers in Salt Lake City and Davis County to name a few and helped them with all kinds of similar issues. We will arrive on the scene, usually on the same day, and assess the ground cavity. We will drill a small hole of about 1-2 inches, and then begin to fill the void with the concrete mixture. The benefit of mud jacking is, we can use a low-pressure approach to lifting the area which gives us fine control over how high the area will be at the end. The cement mixture also has a higher compressive strength compared to other materials like foam.

An uneven sidewalk

Are you a local authority in Weber County, looking to lift sunken sidewalk slabs? Our mud jacking process will lift each slab individually, to create one seamless smooth surface. It won’t leave behind any noticeable marks at all, and the sidewalk can be used within hours of our work is completed. The most common reason for slabs sinking is because of settlement. Over the years, the soil underneath has compressed unevenly, which creates a distortion of the surface. When loads are applied such as people walking over the top, it can mean one side of the slab sinks in further than another. We will fill the void underneath and lift every slab of your sidewalk, without replacing them. It’s also the most environmentally friendly option.

A sunken patio

Do you have a patio that uses large slabs or tiles for the flooring? We’ve helped many homes in Utah County and beyond, lift their patio floor to it’s intended height. With our experienced technicians and specialized equipment, we’re able to lift the tiles and or slabs, by pumping fresh concrete below into the void. Slowly but surely, the filler mixture will seep into every crevice and raise the area back to a smooth even level.

Whether you’re a local authority of homeowner, our mud jacking service is a simple and cost-effective solution for any uneven sidewalks, garage floors or walls, and patio floors.