Concrete Lifting

As time goes on, eventually your driveway, steps, sidewalks, and even RV pads will begin to sink. This is because of settlement which is caused by the soil underneath the concrete, shifting to a particular side over time. Usually, this is because the soil has expanded when wet, become loose and then contracted as it dried out. If you live anywhere in Utah, our concrete lifting service is by far the single best option for repairs. We use a mixture of fresh concrete and additives like local soil and sand, mixed with water, and pump it beneath the sunken zone. We first drill a small hole, and then hydraulically fill the void which will slowly raise the area up to the desired height. Using this solution, the driveway or sidewalk can be used within a few hours so you can carry on with your normal day.

Sunken Steps

If you’re a business or local authority in Davis or Weber County or even the Salt Lake City Area, we can lift sunken concrete steps in and around town. Many towns use concrete steps because it’s a cheaper alternative to wooden or ceramic tiled steps. Since concrete weighs more, the steps will gradually sink over time. Concrete lifting is not only budget-friendly but crucially for local authorities who answer to their constituents, it’s environmentally friendly also. Arriving on the scene, we will assess how far the chosen steps have sunk. With your consultation, we will then lift the steps up to the desired height. Drilling a small hole of about 1-2 inches, we’ll begin to pump fresh concrete, soil and water mixture underneath the steps. We’ll make sure not to disturb any soft ground such as soil and grass, that surrounds the steps.

Sunken Driveway

Do you live in Davis or Weber county and have a driveway that seems to be sinking. Large concrete slabs have a tendency to lean in one direction or the other. The large and heavy vehicles that are parked on the driveway, push the slabs down which only accelerates the sinking effect. Our professionals will arrive on the scene and assess what could be the cause of the sinking. It might be settlement issues due to the uneven compression moving heavy objects can cause. It might also be consolidation where the soil just gathers in one area over time. Regardless of the reason, our concrete lifting service will fill the void with concrete, soil and water mixture. This will lift the part of the slab that has sunk. At the end of the process, you’ll have a nice, smooth and even surface. This is a much better option than ripping the slabs up and fitting new ones in.

Sunken Entryways

As entryways are often a standalone structure fitted to the exterior of a home, they are susceptible to sinking over time. Concrete lifting is the most cost-effective solution to lifting the steps up to the appropriate height. Drilling a small hole into the steps, we’ll pump fresh concrete below. It will lift the steps higher and rest the steps evenly to your front and or back door.