Sidewalk Concrete Lifting

A concrete sidewalk is easily taken for granted. You probably don’t think about the concrete under your feet until the day when you trip on the uneven surface. In fact, you may not even notice the unevenness until it starts to pose trip threats to passers-by. You may be surprised to notice sunken concrete, as you’d expect concrete to be durable, but bear in mind that sidewalks are exposed to the elements and undergo a tremendous amount of wear and tear, which inevitably leads to damage over time.

Sidewalks sit on the soil underneath, which is not uniform and will not hold its integrity forever. Over time, different soils will settle in different ways, with the effect that the concrete slabs of your sidewalk could begin to sink in different places. Water is another factor that plays its role, as it can wash away the soil upon which your concrete slab rests. (Of course, you wouldn’t expect much rain or thunderstorm action in Utah, but don’t forget about snow-melt!) This erosion process can be exacerbated if the soil underneath was not compacted properly before the slab was laid, or the sidewalk’s drainage is inadequate.

Should I worry?

Sinking concrete on a sidewalk is highly problematic on with some areas perhaps lying lower than others, creating an uneven surface. Not only does the unevenness of the concrete poses a tripping hazard, but it can make it difficult for wheels to roll smoothly along. This means that wheelchair users using the sidewalk or pedestrians pulling carts will have trouble navigating the uneven terrain and may even suffer injuries on top of the inconvenience. A sunken sidewalk also looks unappealing and neglected.

What are my options?

If your sidewalk is sinking, this is not something you have to put up with. In Utah, you have a couple of local options. Firstly, you could rip up the concrete and completely replace the sidewalk. This process can be extremely costly and can take many days to complete. If you’re concerned about minimizing your impact on the environment, you’ll also note that the discarded concrete will end up in landfill, which is not environmentally friendly.

There is a cheaper, faster and greener alternative to a total replacement of your sidewalk: sidewalk concrete lifting. Rather than lifting the concrete and completely replacing the sidewalk, this process works by raising and leveling your existing sidewalk through a process called mud jacking.

What's the process?

Here’s how it works. First, a concrete expert will drill small holes into your sidewalk. This is followed by a filler grout that is injected into the space below. The grout hydraulically raises the level of the concrete slab from below. While a total replacement of your concrete could take days to complete, sidewalk concrete lifting can be accomplished in a few hours, giving you fast access to the area for normal use to resume.

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If you’re in Northern Utah or the surrounding areas and your sidewalk has sunken and is posing a tripping hazard to you and passers-by, give our locally owned Mud Dog Jacking LLC a call. Serving Ogden and surrounding areas, our team of concrete experts will get your sidewalk leveled quickly at a fraction of the cost of a concrete replacement. We are licensed, certified, insured and bonded for your protection, and all of our work is guaranteed. Give us a call now and ask about our free estimates!