Concrete Leveling

Would you like your patio to be a little higher? Concrete leveling is a great way to essentially, lift and or smooth out the surface from all sides. A patio floor can be made even and level, at all ends which will make your property more attractive as well as safer. If a large part of your landscape is leaning to one side, this can shift the entire surface of a footpath or sidewalk. It may look like it’s heavily slanted, but the slabs and or surface seem to be intact. This is not the same as a sunken slab, because the surface is leaning over to one side in unison. Concrete leveling is a method designed to gently lift and level the surface in one slow and gentle maneuver. Here are just a few ways it can apply to your situation.

A sloping driveway

Whether you’re a resident in Davis County or Weber County and beyond, we provide a concrete leveling service for sloping and or slanting driveways. The objective is to make the entire surface smooth and level so there are no differences in height from one end to the other. Concrete leveling can be done from the top and from underneath. If the driveway needs to be raised to be even with your lawn or garage door, we will drill a small hole or two into the surface. Then we’ll hydraulically pump a mixture of fresh concrete, soil and water to slowly lift the driveway. This simple technique can then be accompanied by a new layer of concrete on top of the driveway to give it a nice smooth even finish. This is by far the most cost-effective solution and can save you between 50-75% over rip out and replacement.

In your garden

If you live in Utah County or Davis County and have a slanting issue in your garden, we’re here to help. Many patios will begin to lean over to one side or perhaps more, as time goes by and the soil underneath begins to consolidate. Garden paths are also susceptible to the same issue. Our concrete leveling service is great for making different parts of one area, smooth and level. We will drill a few holes into your patio, no larger than 1-2 inches. Then we’ll use a fresh concrete mixture to fill the voids that have developed. However, we’ll do this in conjunction with all the other slanted areas. Thus, we fill in multiple voids at the same time or one after the other, so that we achieve a new level surface without any gradient change in any direction.

Inside the home

Concrete floors inside the house are common for some modern homes. Air pockets can develop underneath your floors which can separate the floor from the foundation. If you act quickly and essentially join the two back together, you can avoid a floor that is off its axis. With concrete leveling, the same process is done inside the home as it would be outside. A small hole is drilled into the area, and a fresh concrete mixture is hydraulically pumped beneath the surface to raise it up and make it level with the rest of the floor.