Air Conditioning Pad Concrete Lifting

Has your AC unit sunk? Are you dealing with a sinking AC unit? If you’re concerned about the area around your AC unit being unsafe and damage being caused to the AC unit itself, you need to do something about it. But you don’t have to replace the concrete, you can lift it instead. AC Pad Concrete Lifting is a cost-effective way to fix your sinking unit and fast.

What is AC Pad Concrete Lifting?

Over the years, you may find that the concrete pads underneath an AC unit can sink. In most cases, you’ll find that it’s perfectly okay – as long as there’s no damage or unwanted pressure to the coolant tubes and electrical lines. If the unit is dry, then it’s fine that the sinking has taken place. But when this has affected the lines or you see water pooling, you need to do something about it. You could choose to replace the system, or you can choose AC Pad concrete lifting to remedy this issue!

The Concrete Leveling Process

If you have found that the side closest to the house is sinking and you’re worried about it causing more issues, you need to bring in an AC Pad concrete lifting service to repair this for you. Instead of removing and replacing everything, what we do is lift the concrete in just a few hours so that your AC unit is no longer at risk, there’s no more pulling on the lines, and no more pools of water are pooling.

Why choose Mud Dog Jacking LLC?

Mud Dog Jacking LLC is a locally owned company based in Ogden, UT. We provide AC Pad concrete lifting and repair services in Northern Utah and the surrounding areas. We are proud to employ a team of concrete experts to help you maintain your sidewalks, driveways, surrounding outside areas and your AC area and keep them safe. Within just a few hours, we can level your AC Pad and make it safer to walk around.

We are licensed, certified, insured and bonded for your protection and all of our work is guaranteed. We are leaders in the AC Pad Concrete Lifting, Concrete Leveling, Raising and Repair in Northern Utah. Benefits of working with us include:

  • Working with a reliable, friendly team of experts.
  • The ability to save your decorative concrete with no wasted materials or money!
  • That’s right – driveways, sidewalks, patios, steps, rv pads, garage floors, entrance ways and AC pads – we lift them, so you don’t have to replace them.
  • With Mud Dog Jacking’s AC Pad Concrete Lifting service, you get to go green because there’s NO waste to take to the landfill!
  • Your landscape will not be disturbed.
  • We will lift your concrete at a fraction of the cost of doing a full replacement.
  • Our work takes just a few hours to complete your project, not days!

Call Mud Dog Jacking today for all of your AC Pad concrete lifting and leveling needs!