Patio Concrete Lifting

If your patio concrete is sinking, this can be frustrating and inconvenient. You might expect that if your concrete patio was properly laid initially, the soil underneath would have been compacted properly, and adequate soil drainage will have been allowed for. But even so, a patio sees a lot of foot traffic in and out of your home, and this regular wear and tear combined with the natural processes of soil and water can result in your patio concrete sinking over time.

Your concrete patio rests on the soil underneath, which—especially in dry Utah—may not be uniform and is unlikely to retain its integrity forever. Over the years, different soils will settle in different ways, and this natural shifting of your concrete’s foundation layer can result in sunken areas. Water also has a role to play, as it can wash away the soil upon which your concrete patio sits. While you wouldn’t expect much rain in Utah, snow melt can be significant in the spring, especially if you don’t have good drainage.

Should I worry?

The warm, dry climate in Utah means many of us love to spend our leisure time outside. If your patio has an uneven surface, this can make your outdoor space a less relaxing place to be. Not only can a sinking patio create trip hazards for friends and family, but it could make it difficult to man oeuvre things like wheelbarrows or patio furniture across the uneven slabs. Hazards and inconvenience aside, an uneven patio can also make your property take on a neglected appearance, significantly reducing curb appeal.

What are my options?

If your patio concrete is sinking in places, you can easily get this fixed. Ripping up the concrete and completely replacing the patio is one option, but this process would most likely be expensive, time-consuming and wasteful. You won’t have access to the space for days while the work is carried out, and you’ll also be left with a pile of discarded concrete that needs to be disposed of, which is not ideal if you’re trying to minimize your environmental impact.

What's the process?

Patio concrete lifting is a cheaper, faster and greener alternative to a complete replacement of your sinking slab. Instead of pulling up the concrete and throwing a new slab for your patio, our concrete experts can raise and level your existing patio using a technique called mud jacking. Patio concrete lifting is a simple process, but it does demand the skills of experienced concrete experts and heavy equipment to do effectively. The procedure involves drilling small holes through which a filler grout is injected underneath the concrete slab, raising the level hydraulically. Patio concrete lifting is a lot faster than a total replacement, which could take days. After only a few hours, you’ll be able to utilize your patio as normal.

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If you’re in need of patio concrete lifting in Northern Utah, give our locally owned Mud Dog Jacking LLC a call. Serving Ogden and surrounding areas, our team of concrete experts will get your patio leveled quickly at a fraction of the cost of a concrete replacement. We are licensed, certified, insured and bonded for your protection and all of our work is guaranteed. Give us a call now and ask about our free estimates!