Concrete Lifting Applications

Sunken concrete is a common problem, but one that you should never ignore. If left, the uneven concrete will worsen and crack. When uneven concrete is left without solving the problem, the result is a surface that not only looks bad but one that could cause an accident too. No one wants to see other people injured on their property, so Concrete Repair should always be a priority.

Mud Dog Jacking LLC helps a range of customers to solve their sunken concrete problems, whether you are a homeowner in need of Patio Concrete Lifting or a municipal worker tasked with getting a sidewalk lifted. If you want your concrete issues solved quickly, efficiently, and without spending too much money, then Mud Dog Jacking Applications can help.

Here at Mud Dog Jacking LLC, we have experience of dealing with all kinds of situations that require Concrete Lifting. Here are just some of the Concrete Lifting Applications that we can help with:

Over time, you may find that the concrete slab your AC unit sits on begins to sink under the weight of the unit. A sinking AC pad can become damaged, as the workings of the unit come under increased strain if the unit isn’t positioned correctly. This can impact the copper coolant tubes, and over time the unit may fail as a result of the pad sinking.

If you are in Northern Utah and notice that your concrete AC Pad has started to settle and then sink, call Mud Dog Jacking LLC and let us use our expertise to raise the concrete slab, to prevent damage to your AC unit.

Have you noticed cracks in your concrete pool deck? If so, you may be dreading the idea of getting the concrete dug up and then repoured. Luckily, there is a much simpler solution. Call Mud Dog Jacking LLC for a free estimate and find out how we can provide Concrete Repair without the disruption involved with removing and then repouring the concrete.

Is your municipality suffering from sunken curbs? Sunken curbs are an issue that should be taken care of quickly to prevent accidents and injury. A sunken curb can be a hazard for all Utah road users, whether you are a cyclist, pedestrian, or motorist. A settled curb can quickly become a trip hazard if it isn’t dealt with efficiently.

Long delays on busy highways while repairs take place to the curbs are something that no one wants. Why not call Mud Dog Jacking LLC to find out how we can solve the problem of sunken curbs fast, and without disruption.

A cracked, or sinking RV pad is a real problem, and could even cause damage to your RV if it is left unrepaired. Whether you are in Cache County or Park City Area, here at Mud Dog Jacking LLC, we can use our expertise to repair the pad using RV Pad Concrete Lifting to fix the issue. This will leave you with a level concrete surface to park your RV, without the disruption of getting the pad resurfaced.

An uneven sidewalk can cause major problems, as pedestrians can easily trip and fall, which can result in injury claims against your city. A sunken sidewalk can be dealt with in a matter of hours via Sidewalk Concrete Lifting. Resurfacing a sidewalk takes lots of time. This process could take days to complete and cause delays and inconvenience to people that usually use the sidewalk.

At Mud Dog Jacking LLC, we can get your sidewalk level in hours, not days. Why not give us a call to see how we can help you with your concrete repairs?

Do you want to improve your home’s curb appeal? A tidy, well-maintained entrance way adds to the curb appeal of your home and helps to make a great first impression. Unfortunately, an uneven, sunken concrete surface and cracks all give a bad impression of your home. Don’t worry – call Mud Dog Jacking LLC today, and we can help your entrance way to look as good as new using Entrance Way Concrete Lifting.

Sunken concrete steps can leave you with two problems. Firstly they look bad, and secondly, they can cause an accident. When steps sink and become uneven, your family or visitors can easily lose their balance on the uneven surface and fall.

Repairing concrete steps can seem like a job that will take a lot of time and lots of work. However, at Mud Dog Jacking LLC, we can use our vast experience in Mud Dog Jacking Applications to achieve even steps for your home or business.

Sitting out on the patio in your backyard should be a peaceful experience. However, if your patio slabs have become uneven to walk on, you may be concerned that someone could injure themselves in your backyard. Removing the original slabs will be both time-consuming and expensive. Call Mud Dog Jacking LLC to find out how you can get your patio looking great again without causing lots of disruption.

If your garage is starting to develop an uneven or cracked floor, now is the time to take action and get it sorted out. Mud Dog Jacking LLC can provide you with a free estimate for concrete lifting, which will restore your garage’s floor to a smooth surface in a matter of hours.

Resurfacing your driveway can take a lot of time and expense. The existing surface will need to be broken up, removed, and taken to landfill, before the new concrete is poured. You will be unable to use your driveway while this work takes place. Concrete Lifting offers a hassle-free alternative that will save you both money and time.

Concrete Lifting offers so many applications. If you need a Concrete Lifting service in Utah, give Mud Dog Jacking LLC a call.