The services we provide are aimed at giving you the most cost-effective solution to repairing, lifting and leveling the relevant surface. Whether you’re trying to make your driveway a smooth even surface, lift a sunken step to the entrance of your business or repair the concrete floor of your garage, we’ve got you covered. Here are just some of the services we provide throughout the great state of Utah.

We’ve been repairing driveways from Wasatch County to Park City Area and beyond, for almost 10 years. We’ve seen just about everything in Utah, which is why our Slab Jacking service is our bread and butter. If a slab in your driveway has begun to sag into the ground, we can lift that specific slab to the same height as those slabs that are unaffected and maintaining their height. We make sure the foundations are not overloaded by spreading the new concrete evenly below the surface.

These are just four of the services we provide, but we offer five other similar services too. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we know our stuff. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to see how we can help you. Most of our call-outs can be done on the same day!

Let’s say, for example, you live in Davis County and the surface or foundation of your garage has become loose. It’s almost always because the underlying concrete has shifted and or become unstable. This can cause a slight to severe dip in the ground. Our concrete lifting service solves this issue by lifting up the floor with minimal signs of repair. A special drill will be used to cut a small hole in the floor. After assessing the concern underneath the ground, fresh concrete is poured into the cavity. Slowly but surely, the pocket is filled and the concrete surface is lifted up to its original level.

Those of you that live in Northern Utah will know, sometimes we get a lot of rain. During the autumn and winter, it’s not uncommon to see your patio be drenched in rainwater every morning when you wake up. Over time this can slowly erode the concrete foundations of your patio floor, causing it to slowly dip below the level of your home. With our concrete raising service, we can lift up the entire patio. By drilling a few small holes, we pump fresh concrete down below to evenly push the floor up. We make sure we’re measuring everything to maintain the floor’s regularity. We also make sure the rigidity of your patio is not disturbed or weakened during this process.

The entrance experiences the most traffic of any physical area for any business. Steps are the number one concern for fatigue as they are inherently an uneven and therefore weaker structure than a flat surface. So if your business is in Weber County, Box Elder County or Summit County to name a few, check if your entrance is slowly showing signs of deterioration. If your steps are becoming uneven, then you need our concrete leveling surface. The objective is to make the structure from top to bottom, level as can be. One step might be worse than another, but that’s no problem for us. We can work to a specific height requirement, and level each step individually. By the end of our work, your steps will not only be stronger but be completely level.