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Concrete Lifting vs. New Slab Installation: Which One is Better?

If you have an uneven, cracked, or sunken slab, there are two options you can choose from: correcting it with concrete lifting or tearing the whole thing out and replacing it with a new slab. The concrete lifting process is also known as leveling or slab jacking, it can turn the surface into a stable or even one.

When you get into the concrete lifting vs. new slab installation debate, you will find that the former is a vastly superior option! It can repair a settled or damaged slab at a much more affordable price than new concrete slabs. It is a better option for garage floors, sidewalks, patios, steps, and even driveways.

Here are some reasons why the former wins in the concrete lifting vs. new slab installation debate.

1. It is less expensive

Usually, it will cost you around $500 to $1,200 to get concrete lifting. The price can vary depending on the job’s nature and size of the project. If the damaged slab is a little difficult to access or the project is large, it will obviously cost you a bit more.

However, you can bet the bill will definitely be more if you try to demolish the entire thing, remove the old concrete slab, and then have a new slab installed. The replacement will cause you 2 to 3 times more than concrete lifting will. It will even help to stabilize the foundation of the soil in a way that replacing concrete just won’t do.

2. Repairs are practically invisible

For concrete lifting, the team will drill some small holes into the damaged concrete slab. The lifting material will be pumped into the holes before they are sealed and caulked. There will be no marks to signify the repair lines.

If you replace the slab, it will definitely look different from the concrete slabs in the surrounding area. The concrete may even have a different color from the ones around it, and the texture could be different too. This may not be a big deal if you are having the entire thing replaced, but for single slabs or a small section, the mismatch can look quite odd.

3. Quick and easy

Removing and replacing the slab is a lengthy project that will also involve a lot of dirt, dust, and noise. With concrete lifting, you don’t have much to worry about. It is simply more convenient and quicker than getting a replacement. At max, it can take up to two hours to complete. You can even use the area as soon as the project is done. While you may need to wait for a few hours before putting weight on it, it still doesn’t compare to the days a new slab would take.

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