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4 Solid Tips to Maintain Concrete Garage Floors

Garages are one of the most roughly used parts of the house, which puts the garage floor in the face of extreme wear and tear. They receive excessive dirt and traffic all day long, which results in the garage floors wearing out long before they should. Looking after your garage floor and having it repaired timely can extend its lifespan and keep it intact for longer.

If you’re looking for solid tips to maintain your concrete garage floor, you’ve come to the right place. We have put together the most promising garage floor maintenance tips to help you keep your garage floors in the best of their condition.

1.     Thorough Cleaning

You should sweep your garage floors clean of any debris or dirt every few months. This is one of the most basic tips for maintaining your concrete garage floors. Using a wide-push broom, thoroughly sweep clean the garage floors, especially after the winter season is over. The majority of people store de-icing salt in their garage, which results in the concrete garage floors wearing down over time.

2.     Scrub the Rust Stains Off

Rust stains make floors look old and ugly. To maintain your concrete garage floors, you must get rid of these tough stains. Sweeping the garage floors won’t remove the rust stains. Rust stains a lot more stubborn and getting rid of them requires more hard work and time. Although it is hard, the removal of rust stains isn’t impossible. Make a solution of one ounce of tri-sodium phosphate with one gallon of hot water and leave the solution on the stains for about 20 minutes, followed by vigorous scrubbing using a brush with tough bristles.

3.     Fill the Cracks

As the floors age, cracks form on the surface. It is these cracks that lead to concrete slabs breaking and settling if not taken care of at the right time. Therefore, when you see cracks forming on your concrete garage floors, fill them up right away. First, remove any loose edges by hammering the concrete slabs around the cracks. Then, get rid of the debris using a shop vac. Finally, use epoxy paste to fill in the cracks. Once you’ve filled in the cracks completely, scrape the excess epoxy paste off the floor and let it dry, followed by sanding the area for the perfect finish!

4.     Apply a Concrete Sealant

To prevent any damages to your concrete garage floors in the future, apply a concrete sealant on the floors. It would create a protective layer over the garage floors that will increase its durability significantly. A floor with a layer of concrete sealant looks a lot more attractive as well. You can hire a professional for this job.


Simple maintenance of concrete garage floors will have your garage floors stay in excellent condition for a very long time. If you think garage floor maintenance is too much for you to do yourself, call in a professional to take care of settled and cracked concrete slabs for you.