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Benefits of Mud Jacking for Concrete Leveling

Poor drainage, compaction, soil conditions, and tree roots are why concrete sinks over time. The soil beneath the concrete must be strong enough to bear its weight to prevent the slab from sinking.

Mud jacking is a repair technique used to raise and level sunken concrete without replacing it altogether. It can stabilize sunken sidewalks, raise cracked driveways, and level damaged outdoor concrete slabs.

Advantages of Mud Jacking

This method of concrete repair is popular among homeowners and businesses due to the following reasons:

Mud Jacking is Easy on the Pocket

Mud jacking usually costs one-third to half of the price of total concrete replacement. This makes it the most affordable technique to fix the sunken and damaged concrete.

Mud Jacking Fixes the Root Cause

If you replace the sunken slab with a new one and the air pockets in the soil are left as before, the new slab will sink again after a few months. The soil is treated by filling the voids and making it strong enough to hold the concrete. That gives the concrete a solid place to rest and prevents it from settling again for a long time.

Mud Jacking is Fast-Acting

Slab replacement is a long and tiring procedure that can take weeks to complete. It takes another few weeks for the concrete to cure and dry before being ready to use. Add the demolition and removal of the original slab, and the process becomes noisy and extra-long.

With Mud jacking, most jobs can be done under a day and do not require any special waiting time after repair. It is ready to carry heavy weights within a few hours.

Mud Jacking is Tidier and Cleaner

Slab replacement is not just long. It is messy too. The demolition can damage the surrounding landscaping. With mud jacking, the machinery does no damage to the roads, sidewalks, and other landscaping. Cement mixture does get spilled around the construction site, but it can be easily removed by washing or cleaning.

Mud Jacking Keeps Concrete Color Uniform

The results of slab replacement can be easily recognized by that concrete patch being of a different color than the rest. It is next to impossible to match the color of the old concrete with the new one. Mud jacking uses the original slab, which does not leave any concern about mismatched concrete. The repair work does not show from the outside, so the slab stays perfectly aligned with the rest of the concrete without having a change in color or texture.

Mud Jacking is an Eco-Friendly Repair

Compared with slab replacement, mud jacking requires little energy, uses natural materials, and produces no waste. This translates into making mud jacking one of the most eco-friendly repair techniques.

Final Thoughts

Concrete lifting through mud jacking requires training, experience, and heavy machinery. The experts at Mud Dog Jacking can assist you in quickly getting your concrete back on track. Contact the experts for scheduling a home or business mud jacking consultation today.