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Benefits of Mud Jacking Concrete Leveling Over Replacement

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Everything is subject to wear and tear — even something as strong as durable as concrete. Weather is one of the major causes of concrete damage. Excessive heat and cold can all expand or contract the concrete, causing cracks on its surface. Moreover, running water from rains, a drain spout, or floods is also bad for concrete and can expand the tiny fissures in the concrete so that they become more of a problem.

Moreover, if your ground settles around the concrete, it will create areas that will shift, sink and separate your concrete, causing cracks to appear on it. In addition, if you place very heavy objects on the concrete over a period of time, it can become damaged from excessive weight.

To Repair Or To Replace?

To prevent further damage to your concrete, it is important that you maintain and repair it regularly. Once you see signs of the concrete splitting and failing, it will lose its integrity and will become susceptible to large damage.

Therefore, even if it is a small crack or a separation that expands during cold season, it is a good idea to quickly repair the issue before it turns into a full-blown concrete problem and causes a major headache down the road.

A small repair job is much more manageable than a complete re-haul in the future. Concrete leveling, lifting, and mudjacking are quicker, less invasive, and more cost-effective as compared to concrete replacement.

Let’s find out some of the major benefits of mudjacking concrete leveling over concrete replacement.

Minimal Damage

Since mudjacking does not involve the use of heavy-duty equipment and is less invasive than replacement, it reduces the risk of damage to your yard. Our mudjacking company will not park their truck on your driveway. Instead, it will be parked on the street. In addition, any drilling is done away from your landscaping. We may drag the pressure hose across your lawn, however, it will not do any damage to your yard.

Reduced Labor Cost

One of the major advantages of concrete leveling over concrete replacement is the reduced cost. A concrete replacement involves demolishing the slabs of concrete, discarding the debris, restabilizing the foundations, and installing the new concrete slabs.

As you can see, the task above requires a lot of intensive labor, use of special equipment, wastage of material, and more time. On the other hand, concrete leveling can be done at a fraction of the cost.

Less Risk of Injury

As a property owner, you must exercise a reasonable duty of care to ensure that anyone who visits your property remains safe. The risk of injury increases significantly if you are replacing your concrete. Since the concrete slabs can take several weeks to be manufactured, your ground will remain uneven and unleveled for a longer amount of time, risking injury to passers-by.

Improved Ground Support

Mudjacking involves pumping a cement slurry through holes beneath the damaged concrete. This will fill the empty pockets beneath and raise the sunken slab. Once the slurry solidifies, it will provide a strong and sturdy foundation to the ground slabs.

As you can see, concrete leveling over concrete replacement is almost always more beneficial unless your concrete is completely shattered. If you have uneven and unleveled concrete at your home which is posing a safety risk to any passers-by, it is important that you get it repaired by Mud Dog Jacking. Contact us today at 801-644-9122.