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5 Tips to keep a Driveway in Tiptop Shape

Driveways can add a lot of value to a house. Aside from providing an entryway to the garage, a paved driveway can also significantly increase a home’s aesthetic appeal. But many homeowners fail to realize the importance of a well-kept driveway, thinking that it’s only a functional structure and nothing else. This misconception often leads to cracked and untidy-looking ramps in homes.

Repairing a damaged driveway can be a lot more costly than maintaining it. Therefore, the wise thing to do would be looking after your ramp to save your hard-earned money. Maintaining a driveway is not at all challenging. It only requires a little cleaning and precautionary measures, which do not take up more than an hour. It’s a win-win deal; you get to save money and have a pristine driveway by only giving some minutes of your day. Who wouldn’t like that? Certainly not anyone prudent.

But that begs the question of what needs to be done to reap the said benefits? Well, continue reading and find out.

Here are four tips for effective driveway maintenance.

Cleaning the Driveway

Stains caused by motor oil and radiator fluid do not just look unappealing but also damage the structural stability of a driveway. Ramps in homes frequently become the landing plane for car fluids that seep into the floor and destroy the material underneath. Motor liquids can penetrate your driveway and soften asphalt, leading to a mushy ramp eventually. Therefore, cleaning the driveway and washing away any chemical stains is essential to keep the entryway to the garage in a prime condition.

Preventing Cracks

One of the most common driveway troubles are cracks in the concrete. Once cracks appear on a driveway floor, fixing them can be a tiresome ordeal. In order to escape this common ramp issue, the best tactic is to apply a sealant after every few years to keep the floor intact.

Filling Cracks

If you do spot some cracks or holes, do not let them get bigger and immediately get ready to fill them up. Buy a top-quality patching compound if you don’t already have one and level up your driveway.

But remember to clean the cuts and cracks before spackling the ground. To do that, use a masonry chisel and remove any loose asphalt pieces. Once the fissures are tidy, add the compound. And then seal the driveway to prevent it from getting cracked again.

Keeping Water off

Water can penetrate driveways and spoil the material in the ground. Make sure you make proper runoff arrangements at the side of your ramp to allow water drainage during the winter and rainy seasons. Also, make sure your downspouts empty in your yard and not the driveway.

Plowing with Care

If you live in a region that receives a lot of snow, you must have to plow away the blanket of powdery snow from your driveway frequently. But doing so can lead to scratches on your ramp if you’re not careful. Make sure you keep the implement above the surface so that the ground isn’t scraped.


If you vow to follow the tips mentioned above, we promise you that your driveway will sparkle for a long time.