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Tips on Winter Tree Care

Trees lose their vigor during the winter season, which means they need a little more pampering than usual. Many people give up on the trees around their property in the chilly weather, assuming that the once-mighty plants will not survive no matter what. But that’s distorted tree truth. The reality is that if you look after trees the right way during the winter, you can have them in all their glory during the next season. Also, tree care is not too challenging. It might entail a lot of tasks, but those are easy to do and can be done without an expert on board.

While DIY tree removal is a big no-no, DIY tree care is completely safe as long as a person uses the right implements.

So how does one take care of trees in the winter? Read on to find out.

Here are four tips on taking care of trees during the frosty season.


Pruning is a significant component of tree care regardless of the season. However, doing it in the winter makes the job a little easier. Why? Because the cold atmosphere puts trees into a dormancy mode, which means the hardy limbs and twigs become flexible. So, you can easily trim the hard parts of trees during the winter.

Remove all the dead debris and foliage. Thoroughly check trees for disease or damage to ensure that you do not miss out on a weak branch or spoiled leaves because if that happens, you might run into fallen scions and sprigs later. Therefore, look after the trees close to your estate to keep them thriving.

Protecting From the Cold

It might seem bizarre to some people, but covering specific plants with a burlap sheet or wrap is a time-old method of keep susceptible trees alive in winters.

Moreover, the soil can also lose its effectiveness due to the cold weather. It needs to be warm to be a growing medium for plants. But keeping the ground warm when the breeze is freezing everything it touches is quite difficult.

However, there are ways in which a person can keep the soil considerably warm. And that is hydrating the soil. Moist soil is much better at retaining heat, and it also reheats itself at night. Therefore, you must ensure that the ground holding up the trees around you is adequately hydrated to stay heated as much as possible.


Mulching is the best way of keeping the soil from eroding and leaving moisture. Use organic mulch to give the necessary tender love and care to the soil support trees.


Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean trees don’t need as much water as in the summer. Trees need to be watered diligently even in the chilly weather to stay taut and survive the harsh season.


Don’t let misinformation about tree care in the freezing weather stop you from taking the necessary measures. Give trees another chance at growth. Follow the mentioned steps, and your trees will survive the winter without losing their health.