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Mud Jacking Myths Every Homeowner Should Know

Most, if not all, phenomena in the world are subject to misinformation and misconceptions. Similarly, most home repair procedures have several fallacies floating around that keep homeowners from trying those out. One typical example of such home makeover projects is mud jacking.

Mud jacking is a concrete leveling process used to fix cracked pavements and uneven driveway slabs. While it’s a highly effective procedure, many people remain unaware. As a result, quite a large number of homeowners have to look for alternative solutions to fix their driveways and the adjacent pavements.

To ensure you don’t miss out on a useful method, we decided to debunk the most widespread misconceptions about mud jacking. Here we have a list of common mud jacking myths with the truth.

Mud Jacking Is Expensive

Picture this:

You decide to give mud jacking a chance to fix your driveway, but then Paul from down the road tells you it will break your bank. As a result, you begin to look for alternate solutions to fill up the cracks in your entryway.

We’d love to be the one to break this news to you that mud jacking isn’t going to put a dent in your bank account.

Caulking Is As Effective As Mud Jacking

Newsflash: no, absolutely not!

Caulking is a temporary fix that covers the cracks on pavements from the top. But that doesn’t repair the issue responsible for a broken driveway. On the contrary, with mud jacking, the root cause is treated, which leads to years of smooth pavements.

Concrete Leveling Destroys the Landscape

One of the most common misconceptions about mud jacking is that it ruins the landscape around your property. People assume that the equipment and process needed to execute mud jacking will damage the nearby plants. But it’s yet another groundless fallacy that has no relation with reality. The only thing that said myth has ever achieved is stopping people from getting their driveways mud jacked.

If you also believed that caulking would fix your pavement issues, then let us tell you the truth; caulking is not as effective as mud jacking as the latter is perhaps the best solution.

Anyone Can Do Mud Jacking

Although the internet has benefited the human race immensely, it has also led to severe misconceptions. Since anyone can post tutorials or blogs online, viewers often become bait to misinformation. Consequently, laypeople begin to believe that anyone can carry out complex tasks, such as mud jacking. But the truth is that mud jacking is a professional service that should stay in expert hands.

If you thought you could also wing your way through mud jacking, then you’re gravely mistaken. Professional contractors learn their trade and specialize in all aspects of it, which is why they know their job inside out. If you try to be the expert, the chances are you will do more damage than good to your driveway.

Ending note

Don’t miss out on such an effective home repair process because of the fallacies spread by a handful of people. Reach out to reliable contractors to try the oh-so-popular-among-the-experts method of mud jacking.