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Is Mud Jacking The Option for You?

When Should You Opt For Mud Jacking?

Mud jacking is a repairing process for cement foundations. Through mud jacking, people can fill the gaps in their concrete surfaces; it stops the cement surfaces from sinking. The professionals drill holes into the surface, from which they pump a substance comprising but not limited to only mud and water.


Sometimes mud jacking is a great solution, though not always, especially if the entirety of the area is crushing. So when should you opt for mud jacking?


Suppose you experience cracks, unevenness, and sinking in any concrete surface of your house or building. In that case, while you may think you must redo your foundation. However, you probably only require mud jacking. If you need the confirmation, you must inspect the foundations of your house or building to determine if you need foundation repair or mud jacking. Several areas are made of concrete and thus can require mud jackings, such as Patios, basement floors, walkways, sinking steps, and garage floors. Find out more about Mud Jacking from the experts, Mud Dog Jacking

When Should You Avoid Mud jacking?

Once you understand what Mud jacking is and when you should opt for it, you should also be careful about where you should avoid this process because while it is a useful procedure, you need to be mindful.


Mud jacking is most useful when the concrete surface is heavier and has slap piers installed; they need that extra kick to raise it because they are weightier. But it will not be helpful for a single issue because mud jacking is not a single answer to helping expand the concrete in your house. Mud jacking is also not a solution if you are looking for a partition wall and a slab fitting. It is important to note that mud jacking is not a process you can do by yourself. Instead, it is best to reach out to a professional who can also guide you on whether you even need mud jacking in the first place.


There are some specific areas where mud jacking would also not work. These include the following, potholes, pool repairs, and concrete surfaces that are in their worst condition. Potholes cannot be filled by mud jacking because it works best underneath a surface, not on top of it. If you are looking to fix your pool or any other foundation repairs, you must know that you cannot solely depend on mud jacking as a solution; pools specifically require a material that is not runny.


You may not notice, but your concrete surfaces require proper attention and care, or they can start to sink. For example, if you use your front porch a lot, you may damage it, for which you would require mud jacking. There needs to be proper protocol for cleaning and taking care of these concrete surfaces.


As soon as you see any damage, it is best to repair it before it becomes a massive concrete issue instantly. A small repair process like mud jacking is much easier and more convenient than a complete foundational repair. If you’re in Utah and need mud jacking services, you can check out Mud Dog Jacking.