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Concrete Stair Leveling – All There Is To Know

As the stairs get older, they become cracked and uneven. Crumbling stairs are not only a visual eyesore but are very dangerous too. You or anyone at your home can trip over uneven stairs and hurt themselves badly. If your house is very old and your stairs have started to look aged, you need not worry. It is possible to get your stairs repaired at a very affordable cost with the help of concrete stairs leveling.

What Is Concrete Stairs Leveling?

As you can tell by the name, concrete stairs leveling is a long-lasting solution for broken and uneven stairs. It is a technique that allows you to restore your concrete stairs to their original shape without having to spend a fortune.

When Should You Get Concrete Stairs Leveling

Not all types of stairs damage call for concrete stairs leveling. Certain signs indicate that you need to get your concrete stairs leveled. Water pooling after rainfall is usually the first sign that indicates a bigger underlying problem. It suggests that your steps have tilted as a result of shifting. Other signs include the appearance of prominent cracks on the underside of the stairs. It shows that the structure has moved away from the original stable position ad you need to do something about it soon.

The Need to Get Your Concrete Stairs Leveled

Occasional pools of water or cracks on your stairs may not seem like that big of a problem, but what you need to understand is that these signs indicate serious underlying issues. Any visible damages to your staircase are not just superficial. They are a sign of instability. These damages are progressive in nature, and they will only get worse, putting the integrity of the structure and your safety at a massive risk. It is the reason why getting concrete stairs leveling on time is so important.

How Concrete Stairs Leveling Works

Many homeowners think that patching or filling up the cracks or evening out the tilted steps will fix the problems. The reality is somewhat different. The only way to fix the problem is to re-stabilize the structure, which can only be done through concrete stairs leveling. Technicians drill holes on the surface of your concrete stairs and inject a grout beneath the surface of the stairs that raises the sunken portion of the staircase. It not only restores the staircase but also strengthens the foundation for years to come.


Ensuring the structural integrity of your house and the safety of your family should always be your first priority. While you can address the safety concern by filling in or leveling the concrete stairs yourself, the underlying structural instability is something of a much serious nature. You should call a reliable concrete professional as soon as you observe the signs of stair damage to ensure the problem doesn’t get worse.