North Ogden UT Concrete Lifting

With a population of just over 17,000, North Ogden, Utah is a small town just 3 miles away from Ogden itself. Many of the residents of the 5,500 homes or so, have concrete driveways. Their patios are also built on concrete foundations. The pedestrian footpaths are made from concrete slabs. Over time, all of these will suffer from fatigue and rainwater erosion. This can cause ground sagging, sunken slabs and uneven flat surfaces. Concrete lifting can be applied to all three of these issues, but each in their own unique way.

Why concrete lifting?

Sunken slabs

If you’re a resident or local Harrisville, Plain City authority in and you have a few slabs that have sunk into the ground on your pedestrian footpaths, we’re here to help. Concrete lifting is the ideal solution to this problem because you need not replace the slab. You don’t need to make the repair of the footpath a costly event. Our trained professionals will bore a small hole into the surrounding slabs and or area, and then pour fresh concrete into it. Slowly but surely, the slab will rise back up from the pocket it had sunken into. We do this by using special equipment that pumps the concrete underneath the slab and thereby pushing it back upwards to it’s intended height.

Lifting steps

Are you looking to make a Willard or South Willard home accessible for your aging loved ones? Then we’ve got a simple and cheap solution for you. As they get older, the normal height of the steps may become a little too steep. If this is the case for your parents or grandparents, we can lift the steps up to the appropriate height. Mud-jacking material is pumped underneath the steps, using a hydraulic tool. First, we will ask you what height you would like, we then take a practical approach to see if it’s feasible, and if so, begin to lift each step. This can be done for both the front and back entrances. If we can access underneath the slab via soft ground we will, but we can also drill a small hole into each step and pump the material down this way.

Uneven patio

For your North Ogden UT Concrete Lifting needs, we can also fix uneven patios. It doesn’t matter if you have a stone or tile surface, we can use the same materials and equipment to lift the affected area. We’ve served many Farr West residents who have had problems with their patio floor sinking into the ground. We’ll assess how far inward the ground has gone and where we can make a safe incision to start the lifting process. Just like the other applications, we will drill small holes into the patio floor and use them to hydraulically pump mud jacking material below the dip. The sunken area will slowly rise back up to the intended level, while the material strengthens the immediate area below. It’s kind of like pulling a dent out only you’re pushing from the inside.