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5 Summer Tee Care Tips

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The sweltering heat of the summer season can take a toll on trees. And even if someone doesn’t live in an excessively parched region, their plants can still take an irreparable hit in the warm weather. Therefore, having a meticulous tree care routine is essential to have green saplings and viable aged trees by the next season.

Many people shy away from looking after shrubbery in the summer, believing that no matter how much effort they put in making the trees luscious, it is not going to bear results because the heat from the sun can be unforgiving when it comes to plants. Why some people believe so is beyond us-maybe because they have had bad experiences- but if you make smart choices and follow an effective tree treatment routine, your trees will nothing but thrive throughout the season.

Yes, the heat can enervate the soil under trees and cause the foliage to wilt, but that’s precisely why you need to take preventative measures well in advance so that the greenery around your property remains luxuriant for a while. And trust us, if you go by our following tips, your trees will sparkle under the sun instead of withering and sagging.

Conserve And Provide Sufficient Water

The first thing you need to ensure when looking after trees in the summer is an unhindered water supply to the roots during irrigation. To do that, check your watering system for leaks or blockages.

Try deep watering. Regular lawn irrigation-sprinkling water for 5-10 minutes-doesn’t provide sufficient moisture to growing trees and eventually leads to yellowing, leaf curling, and browning. For deep watering, provide water below the surface along with the regular spraying of water. Doing so will give strength to the roots, which will lead to better nutrition to the trees.

Check Soil Moisture Once A Week

While a shortage of moisture in the soil is harmful to trees, an excess can also be detrimental. Therefore, you need to check the humidity underneath your trees every few weeks, ideally once a week. To do that, feel the mud 4-6 inches below the topsoil; it should be damp but not dripping wet. If you come across excessively damp soil, cut back a little on your watering.

Replenish The Mulch

If you forget to replenish the mulch under your trees during spring, you can do it in the summer. Mulch renewal is vital for moisture restoration in the root system. And If your trees aren’t surrounded with mulch, start adding it little by little to provide adequate moisture to your shrubbery.

Prune Your Trees

Pruning is crucial for healthy tree growth as it exterminates all damages bits in a plant, ensuring clean and healthy foliage. Scan your trees for dead bushes, wilted leaves, and diseased branches; once you spot them, take them down. Removal of unhealthy parts on a tree not only stimulates healthy growth but also rids the trunk of excessive weight.

Look For Pesticides

Summer is the best time for revamping trees. While the crown is full, inspect your trees for any signs of pest damage. If you see any, talk to an expert to help you tackle the issue. And if you can get rid of the affected branches yourself, then, by all means, do so.


In a nutshell, you need to primarily concentrate on three aspects of tree care during summer. Firstly, providing sufficient water, next pruning dead bits, and lastly dealing with pest damage. If you do so regularly, you will have a healthy, swaying landscape in the next season.