Syracuse UT Concrete Lifting

In Northern Davis of Davis County, the city of Syracuse is home to around 28-30,000 people. Around 12% of the city’s economy is through retail and another 13% is from public administration. That means there are lots of different businesses and local authorities that use commercial buildings. Many of them have a large proportion of concrete as the main material of their structure. As the years pile up, these structures will show signs of fatigue, particularly in driveways, entrances, sidewalks, and steps. The nearby locations of Clinton and Clearfield also have the same infrastructure design. We provide services that will repair and lift any such areas that show signs of fatigue.

Why concrete lifting?

Leveling your steps

If you’re a business located in Roy, Syracuse, Clinton or surrounding areas and are sick and tired of looking at your uneven steps, we’re all ears to your woes. If your steps seem to have sunk lower and lower over time, don’t worry this is not uncommon. We can come over to your location usually on the same day as your call. We’ll assess the situation to figure out whether it’s soil consolidation or settlement that has affected the steps. Moist soil is often the cause of shifting steps as it fluctuates in size when it expands from rainwater and then dries. If we can, we’ll access the ground underneath the steps without drilling. However, if this route isn’t possible, we’ll bore a small hole in the steps and pump a concrete mixture down into it. This will slowly raise the steps to the desired height in order to either to correct the slope or simply lift them higher.

A slanted sidewalk

Uneven sidewalks are not pleasant to walk across, even if you’re young and without physical ailments. Local authorities in Hooper and West Point want to provide safe and strong sidewalk structures for all their residents. Slanted slopes are caused by many of the same factors i.e. the underlying soil expanding and contracting from rainwater. Concrete lifting for slabs is a highly cost-effective solution. Unlike other options, concrete is used within a few hours rather than days. The aesthetic of the sidewalk is not disturbed and neither is the surrounding area such as people’s lawns and or roads. It’s also far cheaper than using brand new slabs or concrete to fix the slant. There is some trade-off, however. The slab must be in good condition as slabs with major cracks will break apart when the material lifts them up. Therefore, it’s in your interest to get it fixed quickly.

Entrance to your business

As many businesses have entrances made up of concrete surrounded by soil, this can lead to further consolidation issues. Eventually, the concrete surface will become uneven at which point, it will be required to be lifted back up to its original level. Concrete lifting is inherently the best solution because it doesn’t stop access into your building and can be over and done within less than half an hour. Within a few hours, the entrance can be used again without much sign of any disturbance.