Kaysville UT Concrete Lifting

In Davis County, Kaysville, Utah, has a population of around 32,000. A prime residential real estate location, this city is bordered by Layton and Fruit Heights. With over 6,000 households and over 5,000 families, there are plenty of homes that are in need of our services. If you have a sunken slab or two in your driveway or garden path, we provide the most cost-effective solution. Perhaps your concrete steps are looking a little worse for wear and sinking below the level line of your home. Or it could be that you’re a local authority, trying to provide your citizens with strong and safe sidewalks. Whatever your concern might be, our concrete lifting service can help you repair your structures back up to full health.

Why concrete lifting?

Sunken Concrete is a Tripping Hazard

Sidewalks that have uneven slabs or even just one slab that has sunk below the others are prone to tripping people up. This is a simple yet concerning hazard, especially for young children and older people. Our Kaysville UT Concrete Lifting service is designed to have minimal intrusion into the surface of the slabs. We’ll drill a small hole into the surface, and then proceed to create a fresh concrete mixture. We’ll add local soil and water, making the blend easy to hydraulically pump down beneath the slab. The mixture will slowly push the slab up, upon which we’ll stop at the desired height. It’s the most environmentally friendly option as there’s no need to rip and replace your current concrete. The sidewalk can be used just within a few hours as the concrete sets. This means you won’t need to close off an area and can let residents go about their daily lives.

Bad Consolidation

Large concrete driveway slabs are prone to consolidation. This occurs when the soil beneath the slab, bunches up and tends to amalgamate to one side or the other. Eventually, this causes a slab to sink into the ground and creates a lip with the adjacent slab. This again is a trip hazard. Our concrete lifting service can gently lift the large slab to the chosen height and make it even with the other slabs.

It’s a simple process but it requires trained professionals and specialized equipment. The filler will seep into the void and lift the driveway slab without impacting the surrounding soft ground such as a lawn. The mud jacking technique we use is better than using foam because the concrete mixture compresses evenly and thus lessens the chance of the slab sinking again in the future.

Front doorsteps

Are your steps sinking into the ground a little? If you allow this to carry on, the steps can become steeply off-kilter and present a hazard to those entering and leaving your front door. Our concrete lifting service makes sure that the steps as a whole are lifted carefully. The aim will be to make them the same height as your front entrance and completely level with the fitting to your home. The same process will be followed but applied in a slightly different manner due to the lifting of a standing structure.